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Scott Patterson: ‘Insanely Crazy, Awesome Guy’

September 7, 2008 1 comment

I had the good fortune to speak with film director Darren Lynn Bousman on Friday for the book I’m currently finishing up, The New Horror Handbook.

One of the films Bousman directed was Saw IV, which featured Scott Patterson as an FBI agent. (Scott reprises his role in Saw V, which hits theaters on Halloween.)

I couldn’t resist asking the director if he’d seen Scott in Gilmore Girls before he was cast in Saw IV. Here’s what he had to say:

“Scott Patterson is the most insanely crazy, awesome guy in the world. When his name came up, I had not seen Gilmore Girls. Or if I had, not enough for me to go, ‘Oh yeah, Scott Patterson from Gilmore Girls.’ And then when he was cast, I went back and I watched two or three episodes. And it’s funny because in the episodes he is a very nice, lovable guy. How different he is in the Saw films, and how awesome he was to work with. And I think every actor wants to do that, they want to destroy the image they’ve created of themselves…. There he was, this lovable kind of guy, and here he comes on Saw, this gun wielding, bad ass FBI agent.”


This Week’s eBay Madness

August 11, 2008 Leave a comment

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that before he was Stars Hollow’s grumpy diner owner with a heart of gold, Scott Patterson spent several years as a professional pitcher in minor league baseball. Baseball cards from his pitching days pop up on eBay fairly often, but never fail to please Gilmore Girls fans.

Here’s the, um, pitch:

“A 1985 mint condition rookie baseball card of Scott Patterson. Scott plays “Luke” on the Gilmore Girls television show.”

I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed in this one. No, this is classic Gilmore Girls memorabilia, no question about it. Unfortunately, the seller has spelled everything correctly and utterly failed to hype it up to an outrageous level.

Well, He Gave Up the Ball Cap…

July 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Please, please, please: will one of you creative Gilmore Girls fans please record a voice over for this Saw V trailer with a Gilmore Girls theme? Answer that one burning question: Why is Luke's head in a box? (And who put it there??)