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Hanging Out With the Yo-Yo King

August 16, 2008 Leave a comment

Had a great opportunity to see what life was like on the Yale Daily News Thursday speaking with Devon Michaels, the actor who gave us its reigning editor (as of Season 7): Bill.

A creature of the stage, thanks in part to a childhood European trip that introduced him to Hamlet in Shakespeare’s old stomping grounds, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Devon carved out a career in film and television – twice. After a promising start as a child actor, he nevertheless hedged his bets by attending Yale University. (There is a life-imitating- art- imitating-life aspect in the history of Gilmore Girls that you really have to admire.)

Emerging from Yale with a degree in theater studies and psychology (his background in the latter leading to a fascinating self-analysis concerning his chosen career, by the way), Devon leaped back into the entertainment fray all over again.

Which brings us to Gilmore Girls and life at the Yale Daily News. Clearly someone did their homework on that show, he pointed out — nearly everything about the university set squared with his own Yale recollections — minus Paris’ bunker, of course.

While there are always challenges for actors entering the Gilmore world, one he frankly hadn’t seen coming was Bill’s nonchalant yo-yo play when he recounts to Rory the newspaper staff’s rebellion against Paris’ regime. Prior to filming he had a number of people working with him to get it right — including Daniel Palladino. Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly considering his stage and television experience), he actually would’ve been more comfortable juggling rather than performing with a yo-yo — just one of the handy skills he picked up early on. Of course juggling might not have given the same impression of nonchalance…