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Remembering Edward Herrmann


On Dec. 31st it will be one full year since we lost our Richard Gilmore, Ed Herrmann. I didn’t learn about his passing until the following week, and decided then to share the full text of the interview I conducted with him for the book in PDF form. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, here’s the download link again.

One of the things I’ll never forget from our chat was his passion for old time radio, from Jack Benny to the later team of Bob & Ray. We could’ve easily blown three or four hours reliving our favorite moments from that golden age. In many ways, Mr. Herrmann continued the professionalism and attention to detail of radio into the television and film worlds of today.

Funny thing: Growing up in Washington DC, I listened to a long-running weekly radio show the reran many of those classic shows. The program was called “The Big Broadcast” and was hosted by a former old time radio star, Ed Walker. Even when I later grew up and moved all over the U.S., my wife and I continued to listen to him via the Web. Sadly, he passed away at the end of October, actually recording his very last episode in the hospital – he had been hosting the show for 25 years!

If there is an epilogue to this dream we call life, I’d like to think that Ed Herrmann and Ed Walker are sitting around now swapping stories about the radio programs of yesteryear… I count myself very fortunate to have interviewed them both.

Peace to two gentlemen who proved the old adage that two Eds are better than one…

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