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Paperback Flash Sale! $22 U.S.!

Gilmore Girls Companion paperback

What: The Gilmore Girls Companion paperback

How much: $22 including shipping (U.S. only, sadly)

Why should I care: That’s $12.95 off the list price/ $7.89 off the Amazon price and includes shipping!

How do I get it:

1. Email me your name and postal address.

2. I’ll email you back a PayPal address to send your payment to.

3. Once I receive your payment I’ll pop a copy in the mail to you.

What’s the Catch: I only have a very limited number of copies to sell at this price; once they’re gone that’s it, I’m afraid.

Can you tell me more about the book? Here’s a bit of background.

Who IS this? The fellow who wrote it 🙂

Fine print: Gilmore Girls is more than just a TV show; it’s a way of life and of looking at the world, with its own parables, mantras, mythology, and promised land. If you dislike Gilmore Girls, please realize you are WAY in the minority here and hopelessly outnumbered by many, many people from many countries all hyped-up on Luke’s coffee. You do not want to tick them off.


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