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‘Gilmore Girls Companion’: Hardback and Kindle Versions!


Nearly five years after it was first published (yikes – has it been that long?!), The Gilmore Girls Companion is now available in two new formats: hardback and on the Amazon Kindle. I’m really excited about this for two reasons.

Kindle Edition: Just $9.95 – no Shipping! (No Kidding 😉

First and most importantly, it finally gives Gilmore fans outside the United States (and there are MANY) a cost-effective way of reading the book. It never sat well with me that international fans had to pay such high shipping costs for it. At $9.95 I think we’ve finally found the right price for them, as well as for those who absorb everything through their electronic devices these days. Two things about this:

  • With the Kindle iOS app, you can also read the book on your iPhone or iPad, too.
  • You can download the first 28 pages for free, which will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect, as well as the ability to read Edward Herrmann‘s very moving foreword at the beginning.

(That said, gang, PLEASE let me know if you all encounter any problems accessing the Kindle edition where you are.)


Hardback Edition

Second, for someone who grew up loving books as I did, it’s just a great feeling to see one of my own get the hardcover treatment. It also gave me the opportunity to fix a couple of problems with the original text (including that @$#! problem on pp. 451-452 that drives me bonkers to this very day). And rest assured, the book’s cover isn’t the fluorescent yellow depicted on Amazon for some reason, though it isn’t the exact shade of the paperback, either – weird.

Anyway, thank you so much for all your support over the years. Without you there would be no book – no question.

Copper boom!


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