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‘Gilmore’s’ Patty Malcolm on Facebook

Hi all. Just wanted to take a minute to tell you that Patty Malcolm, who was Lauren Graham’s stand-in for most of Gilmore Girls, finally has a Facebook Page up.

Those who’ve read The Gilmore Girls Companion already will know that not only was Patty’s role in the show very involved, but also that her story is one of the more intriguing ones from behind the scenes.

It’s not often that you have the opportunity to see an actor at the start of their career; it’s rarer still that you see them making the jump from stand-in to being a more traditional actor. I believe this Facebook page offers us a window into both. (There was a great deal that was going on in Patty’s career at the time that I was finishing up the book; I remember actually having to rewrite the end because of a career decision that she made.)

For those who are interested in how Hollywood really works and how exactly an actor makes it in “the business,” I would suggest “Liking” Patty’s page and following her progress; I can’t think of a better way to really understand how it all comes together.

  1. IxLovexGilmorexGirls!
    July 20, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    First off I would like to apologize for leaving a comment on a post that has nothing to do with the post, but that’s just me (I’m kinda crazy haha well who am I kidding? I’m totally crazy!). Futhermore you’ve probably been asked this question a million times, but do you think there’s a chance of a Gilmore Girls movie? Honestly I’ve gotten my hopes up by reading cast and writer interviews and then been brought back down by reading posts from so-called fans. I’m not insinuating that anyone that says they are a hard-core fan is lying and yes I understand there are realists out there, but since I’m a rose-colored glasses kinda girl, me and realists don’t mix. Actually they just make me sad because they are always talking about time, money (yes I also get that it does take those things to make a movie) and the cast/writers, especially Amy Sherman-Palladino. I’ve found that a lot of people don’t believe that she really means things when she says them or that she doesn’t really care about Gilmore Girls anymore. Also, I’ve read that people think Lauren Graham would want a lot more money if she were to be hired for the movie or would want the movie to go in a Chris/Lorelai kinda way, I say that the story there is dead because they tried and it didn’t work out. Anyway back to the point I was trying to make before I got in the way, am I totally insane to believe that people are generally good and don’t only do things for money? If I am someone please tell me because at the moment I believe that Amy Sherman does care about Gilmore Girls. I mean she was a writer and producer for 6 years, how can you not care about 6 years of your life? Is it really THAT impossible that Lauren Graham isn’t an actress just because she wants to make lots of money? Maybe I am, maybe the world is just that horrible and cruel. Maybe it is, but I still believe people are generally good and do things just for the love of doing them. I hope they do make a movie because for it to be really over I need a Luke and Lorelai ending, just them, together and happy. So do you think a movie is possible or did I just waste my time?

    • July 21, 2011 at 9:00 am

      Wow, there’s quite a lot of Gilmore passion in that message, isn’t there? (Please keep in mind that anything I say on this carries no more weight than the words of any other GG fan.)

      First, yes, I think a Gilmore movie is entirely possible, certainly more so than another season of the series, as the time commitment is so much smaller for a movie. Every year it seems we see an increasing number of movie and television remakes, reboots, etc., because studios like nothing better than to invest in a project that has a built in fan base. Warner Brothers has not reached the size it has by turning a blind eye to such sure things as a Gilmore movie.

      Whether Amy would be on board for a movie is another question, though. She and Dan were treated pretty shabbily toward the end of their time on the series. Still, it’s been five years since their departure, and whatever ill feelings they had about their treatment has probably been tempered by the passing of time and the lack of another project to rival their success on Gilmore. From what I’ve heard from other people who know Amy, she would most likely come back for a movie purely for the satisfaction of tying up the loose ends the way she wanted. The only sticking point might be whether the studio would give her the budget and creative control she would require.

      I know many people are pretty flippant about whether the actors will come back, saying things like “well, Actor X would probably do it because their career since hasn’t been much to write home about,” which seems to be a bit mean to me. While the public usually rates actors based on their “celebrity factor,” actors themselves tend to go by a) whether they making enough to pay the rent and otherwise be financially comfortable in a profession that offers little in the way of a pension plan, and b) is this project going to be a pain in the ass or not. (The whole “indie movie” factor is something else entirely.) True, the Gilmore series had a certain pain-in-the-ass factor based on the copious amounts of dialogue and Amy’s insistence on word-perfect delivery of lines, but having 20+ days to shoot a two-hour movie might make all of that easier to cope with.

      Finally, all of the speculation over whether Lauren would or would not do it based on the money seems a little disingenuous to me, as if the people who vilify her for wanting to be reasonably well payed make a habit of turning down well-paying jobs themselves. No matter what function you serve in Hollywood, you can only reasonably expect to work for about 20 years, if that – if you don’t pursue well-paying jobs, there are going to be problems down the road.

      I don’t want to make this all sound so mercenary. There is no doubt in my mind that each member of cast and crew is greatly influenced by their emotional attachment to a given project. I’ve heard from many in both camps who say that they would do another Gilmore project in a second if it was offered, if for no other reason than to find out how it was all supposed to end. I only think that we may set ourselves up for disappointment if we don’t admit to ourselves that, like it or not, financial matters play a large roll in these decisions.

      And now let’s talk about Santa Claus…. 😉

  2. IxLovexGilmorexGirls!
    July 21, 2011 at 9:55 am

    Thank you for letting me know your view on the subject and well I’m very passionate when it comes to Gilmore Girls. =) You know a lot about Gilmore Girls so I was wondering what your take on the subject was. Honestly as I said before I want a movie, mostly because I’m very nosey and am dying to find out what those mysterious four final words are! Odds are you know what I’m talking about =). I think that as long as ASP doesn’t tell what those words are there’s a chance for a movie. Fingers crossed! Well I suppose we could talk about Santa Claus, but I was hoping for the Loch Ness Monster. Haha thanks for the input.

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