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Thank you for the kind words, Stacey!

Cheers to Stacey who runs the bibliophile’s dream known as PrettyBooks for her generous review of The Gilmore Girls Companion. She’s been a supporter of the project for a long time — thank you so much, Stacey!

“When I first found out about The Gilmore Girls Companion, elation quickly turned to devastation when I realised that it couldn’t yet be bought in the United Kingdom. Four long months later, I received it as a birthday gift and eagerly began reading about a world I knew well and loved dearly.

Although unauthorised, The Gilmore Girls Companion should not be perceived as a money-making scheme created to exploit the Gilmore Girls’ large fanbase, but a well thought out project headed by A.S. Berman. The book is clearly written by a passionate fan and is detailed, well researched and informative. Berman must be the most knowledgeable person on the TV show on Earth, aside from the creators….”

Read more of Stacey’s review.

  1. May 1, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    Aw, thank you for posting this 😀

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