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P. 451-452 Erata

I suppose somewhere in the back of my mind I realized that the odds of writing and editing a 480-page book in such a way as to be 100% error-free was slightly akin to successfully wrestling a crocodile with neither the prior experience nor the required number of arms and legs. But such was my love for this project, and such was our budget (look under your couch cushions — there’s our budget) that I figured I could do it, no problem.

It turns out there was at least one problem, as I’ve just been told.

Page 451-452

On page 451 we’re hearing about the shooting of the final episode of the series from Lauren’s stand-in, Patty Malcolm, who trails off mid-quote. On the top of page 452 we’ve launched into that episode’s “Amen, Sister Friend.” Arrghh!

All I can say is that I’m extremely sorry for this oversight. It read perfectly fine during the last read-through, but something must’ve happened when we were getting the files ready for the printer.

For those who would like to know how p. 451 ends, I reprint the entire paragraph below. (The words in bold are the ones that failed to make it into the book.)

After standing-in for Lauren Graham since the end of Season 2, Patty Malcolm was given the chance to appear on screen for the series finale. “Lee Shallat Chemel says, ‘You’re going to say a line, what do you want to say?’ I’m like, I don’t know. And Lauren comes up and says, ‘Oh, oh, oh, say where’s the bratwurst,’ continuing the joke about Luke’s meat supplier trying to sell him bratwurst for the party. And the first thing out of my mouth is, ‘No bratwurst?’ And Lauren’s like, ‘No, you’ve gotta say something else.’ And Lee’s like, ‘Yeah, say something else.’ So I step off Lauren’s mark, I step on to my own mark that they just created. Wardrobe comes on a bicycle from a trailer, throws a sweater at me, I throw it on. Hair walks by and brushes the back of my hair. Makeup never even took a look at me. And we shot it. [“No bratwurst? Just corn then.”] And as soon as we shot it, I stepped off of my mark, back on to Lauren’s mark, to stand in for her. And that was my last ever part on the show.”

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