Post-Los Angles Wrapup

Let me start by saying I really meant to blog more during my week-long Los Angeles excursion. But when you’re in the head-turning heart of the American entertainment industry for the first time, you are presented with two options: either blather online and take lots of pictures or actually go out and do things. I’m afraid I chose the latter. This entry is a quick overview of what went on and what it all means for The Gilmore Girls Companion.

Of course one of the highlights of the experience was finally seeing the Warner Brothers lot and traipsing through Midwest Street, where Stars Hollow once stood. Though several of the sets are now being used for the series Pretty Little Liars, many remain recognizable to this day, including Miss Patty’s studio, Lorelai’s house and Stars Hollow High School.

Another great highlight was seeing Keiko Agena (Lane), her husband Shin Kawasaki, and their friends rock out at Senor Fish in LA’s Japan Town on May 18th. At first I thought I was going to see her with her regular band, Boo Boo Kitty (in which she plays bass), but it turned out she was playing bass and the drums for Supper Club, a music group that only plays once a year. They were simply amazing! (Check out the video from that night’s performance — Keiko’s on drums, Shin on guitar at left.)

Finally, the book’s art director (and my new wife) Pamela Norman and I want to thank Gilmore key set costumer Valerie Campbell for making this trip possible. From driving me wherever I needed to go to sharing her insights and opening her home to me, she definitely went above and beyond, and it is greatly appreciated. Thanks also to photographer extraordinaire Mark Lipczynski for driving from Phoenix to Los Angeles to compose some great photos for the book.

More about the trip, and recent developments, soon.

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