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A Walking Tour of Stars Hollow and Beyond

The 'real' Chilton -- Greystone Park in Beverly Hills -- courtesy of itsfilmedthere.com.

Many fans of Gilmore Girls spend a great deal of time dissecting the dialogue and debating who was the best match for Lorelai and Rory.

Many more wish they could book a trip to Stars Hollow, just to feel a little closer to the make-believe world that has brought them so much pleasure over the years. If you’re lucky, you will find yourself on a tour of Warner Brothers studios where you can see what’s left of Gilmore on the Main Street and other sections of the lot. Yet if you wanted to see nearly every place that was used in the series, you would have to travel everywhere from Canada to New York, as well as LA.

Fortunately, Gilmore Girls super-fan Chas has put together a Web site, ItsFilmedThere.com, that offers up photos and place names of an extraordinary number of Gilmore shooting locations. Perhaps most helpful of all is his inclusion of time codes from the episodes themselves. Not only is it entertaining to see the real-world locations, but also it goes a long way toward demonstrating just how deftly the crew was able to piece together this intimate little world from so many far flung places. This is a great contribution to Gilmore fandom, and obviously a labor of love.

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