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Press Gang the ‘Gilmore’ Gang?

At least once a month, the usual media outlets breeze past 99 percent of whatever Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel or Amy Sherman-Palladino say in an interview to concentrate on whatever grain of information they can glean regarding their thoughts on bringing Gilmore Girls back for another season, or more often, a movie. (This is probably the latest instance, but not for long.) It’s become something of a game amongst entertainment journalists, like snatching the hood ornament off a car to prove your street cred.

Despite repeated interviews wherein Lauren’s told her inquisitors that she’s done with the whole Gilmore thing, the pressure continues. Naturally, Gilmore fans, too, want to see a proper conclusion to the series they invested so much time and heart in. Enter Web democracy.

The recent history of television has seen dozens of “keep it on the air” campaigns launched by fans, some moderately successful (Roswell comes to mind), others, not so much (sorry Firefly, but at least they got a movie out of it). And, of course, Gilmore Girls is hardly immune.

This morning I found that the creator of a Gilmore Girls Season 8 petition had started following The Gilmore Girls Companion‘s Twitter account, which introduced me to several different online campaigns agitating for a similar coda to the show. As much as I admire any petition that can get more than 18,000 “signatures,” electronic or otherwise, here’s the part of the petition that makes me slightly uneasy:

We request that The CW network and the necessary actors, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, reconsider whatever differences they have and build a compromise that would return Gilmore Girls to the network’s schedule during the 2007-2008 television season. We urge that the show return in a way that addresses both the actors’ concerns and the needs of the network, whether as a full season of 22 episodes returning in the fall or as a half-season of 13 episodes returning in the spring or as any other compromise that results in the continuation of the series to a more natural, less forced conclusion.

There is certainly no harm in making this kind of request; indeed, the person who spearheaded this effort should be commended for doing something rather than sitting around complaining. And good on them for considering the needs of the actors and the network.

Yet there is an underlying sense of entitlement in the wording that conjures images of actors and producers being rounded up and marched to the Warner Brothers studios to produce this new series, whether they want to do so or not. The result sounds a little too much like something Taylor Doose might do, and that idea should give anybody, even the most well-meaning, pause.

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