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Jane Espenson: A Voice from Stars Hollow

Jane Espenson

My sincere thanks go to television writer extraordinaire Jane Espenson, who graciously answered my many questions about her time writing for Gilmore Girls throughout Season 4, no matter how naive those questions might’ve been. The fact that she already had her hands full writing for the much anticipated Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica only makes the time she took with me that much more valuable.

Of course those Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans out there will be familiar with Jane, who was instrumental in giving many episodes in that series a heart and empathy they otherwise would not have had. (If you haven’t seen the Buffy episode “Earshot,” drop what you’re doing and find it; you’ll be glad you did.)

It is a rare privilege indeed to be able to speak with somebody who participated in the writing of Gilmore Girls. Though Amy Sherman-Palladino is quite deservedly lauded for the creation of this intriguing program, there are many other people who contributed their life stories, talents and heart to bring Stars Hollow to life. Her recollections also will add another dimension to The Gilmore Girls Companion‘s story of the making of this landmark series.

Speaking of which, it’s time I returned to writing it…

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