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The Curse of Max Medina

It's Max, Max Medina! (With sincere apologies to Scott Cohen.)

OK, not my best showing so far, but I have an oddly Gilmore Girls-related excuse. (No cracks about excuses, Zoran.)

About a month ago, we found an abandoned black kitten in a park during a rainy day, and suckers that we were, we brought him home. Pushed to come up with a name for him, I called him Max Medina. (Actually, I first wanted to call him CatKirk, but that was politely voted down.)

And since then, the little fellow has become something of a terror, especially when compared with our own Max Medina. This morning, the little bundle of joy decided to wake us up at 3 in the morning. Whatever energies I could come up with for the day were quickly expended on the day job, leaving precious little in reserve for the book. Somehow, I just can’t see Scott Cohen behaving the same way, can you?

Words today: 142

Total word count: 15,544

  1. zoran
    October 31, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    I just checked in, if you have something new. And indeed you have! Max Medina the cat! You want to kill me with this ridiculous random stuff. Your very own “Paul Anka the dog”. Haha, LMFAO. Not really, but I’m close. As far it goes with excuses, waking you up at 3 in the morning sounds much like CatKirk terror, no cracks ’bout that.

    Other than that, he looks really cute (I like cats). A regular Salem Saberhagen, or black and sleek like Scott if you want.

    May he bring constant happiness into your life and not accidentally eat your computer mouse. (You said you don’t use a typewriter, so you need it to operate the computer and in extension, write the book. Now, how’s that for a crack?)

  2. zoran
    October 31, 2009 at 3:47 pm

    Btw, you didn’t post a picture of a black cat just because it’s Halloween, did you?

  3. November 1, 2009 at 6:37 am

    Ha ha. If only he was as well-behaved as Paul Anka (the dog, not the singer)… And yes, he is our own black cat, only year round, it seems, rather than just for Halloween.

    We had caught some mice in the house that we’re staying in, and took them to a nearby park to release them, when we found Max. It was raining pretty heavy and he was meowing his head off, so we took him home. Now if we took him back to the park, we’d probably end up bringing a horse home, and on it would go.

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