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Congratulations to Patty Malcolm

patty_malcolmThe one thing you quickly learn putting together a book like The Gilmore Girls Companion is that for every story an episode of a show like Gilmore tells, there are a dozen real-life stories going on behind the scenes. And if you follow those real-life stories long enough, you can’t help but root for all the people involved.

For years, actress Patty Malcolm had the fascinating, yet in many ways thankless job of being Lauren Graham’s stand-in on Gilmore. As I’m sure you will appreciate once you read the book, that entailed so much more than most people outside of Hollywood, or indeed outside of the Gilmore Girls set, understand. (For a taste of that, check out this earlier entry.)

Patty put in her own grueling hours, learned her lines, and tackled many other tasks that most people never even think about, and did it without the accolades that come with being an on-camera actor. (“Welcome to our world,” I hear the Gilmore Girls crew shout in unison.)

Sure, she did turn up a few times on screen on Gilmore Girls for just a few seconds, but she went right back to her stand-in work. When Gilmore ended, she went on to other shows in the same capacity, waiting for that elusive break.

Which is why it was so great to hear that a few days ago she finally got the chance to shoot a co-star part on Criminal Minds. She’s quick to point out it’s only one line, but in this business, one line on screen can lead to big things later on, and represents a big step forward all on its own. For the most part, any actor you know on television today started somewhere with a single line or two.

So keep your eyes peeled for episode 5.7 of Criminal Minds, “The Performer.” You can also catch Bush frontman/Mr. Gwen Stefani Gavin Rossdale on that episode. And if you think Patty is the only Gilmore veteran on Criminal Minds, think again. Key set costumer Valerie Campbell, known to practically everybody she meets as a the female MacGyver for her ability to make anything out of anything, works tirelessly behind the scenes on that series, too.

Awesomeness alert over. Mind how you go.

Update: Yep, Patty’s definitely on a roll. News just came that she’s now booked the role of Ann Heron in episode 5.10 of Criminal Minds.  “It’s a nice role.. I get attacked,” as she put it. This really is a crazy business 😉

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