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John Cabrera on Horror Movies

CabreraIf you’re a Gilmore Girls fan and spend more than a few minutes on the Web these days, chances are good that you’re familiar with the amazing John Cabrera (“Brian) and his vast online presence.

When I spoke with him last year for The Gilmore Girls Companion, we touched a bit on horror movies, mostly because I was finishing up my most recent book, The New Horror Handbook, which covers horror movies of the last 15 years.

Some people love horror flicks, some can’t stand them. I found out then that John is very particular about the horror he can comfortably tollerate. (Translation: the dude actually has some sensitivity in an increasingly jaded world.)

Yesterday, I was happy to discover that he finally expounded on his personal horror threshold on his blog. As the author of book about horror movies, I’m often asked to explain why today’s horror flicks are so brutal, and who the audience is for them. I found John’s detailed personal analysis pretty interesting in that respect. Enjoy!

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