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A Good Cause

September 15, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
Just a $10 donation from 170 people can help get Flowers and Weeds out there.

Just a $10 donation from 177 people can help get "Flowers and Weeds" out there.

Hey gang. I know I’ve gone on at length about Flowers and Weeds, the movie directed by and starring Tanc Sade (Finn). After a long wait, many have had the opportunity to see this brilliant short film.

Word now comes that all that’s keeping it from getting proper distribution is a $1,765 bill that the Screen Actors Guild is insisting upon, which is a pretty big hit to the filmmakers.

While that might seem like a steep price tag, it breaks down to about $10 a person if 177 people can see their way to parting with a tenner. (I will be pledging $20 myself.)

If you help get this movie out there, I know Tanc will appreciate it. He’s a good guy. (I include Tanc’s own note below.)

Best wishes,


Hey guys,

The good news is Tribeca Films want to distribute our film internationally, this will garner us massive exposure along with the prestige of being associated with Robert De Niro’s international film festival. Last week we were also approached by a DVD company to distribute our film in the American chains, Nordstrom’s and Wholefoods.

Our only dilema is the Screen Actors Guild is holding us at ransom by forcing us to pay out $1600 in union fees if we go ahead and sign with these distributors.

In order to get around this we’ve set up an online fundraiser, if you could contribute some spare change we’d be very appreciative (minimum amount is $10) and  if not we totally understand. These are trying times and we know a lot of you have helped us out in the past.

The way it works is, you make a pledge and we have 25 days to raise the money.  If we don’t reach the total no money will be taken,

Thanks either way, hope this finds you well!

Here’s the link:


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