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Why the “Gilmore Girls Movie” Rumors Persist

gilmoregirls_24Now that The New Horror Handbook is finally out, I’ve been able to redouble my efforts on The Gilmore Girls Companion, which is a good thing. However, the long hours involved have also prevented me from posting regularly here for a little while. However, there’s one subject that I’ve been meaning to touch upon here for a long time. That is, of course, the rumored Gilmore Girls movie.

We all love Gilmore Girls here, your’s truly is certainly no exception. But I also think we can safely admit that the end of the series was not handled quite the way that anyone would’ve wanted it to be. Fingers are often pointed over this, and frankly, that’s a discussion that I’d rather not have if that’s OK with everyone. The Gilmore Girls Companion itself is a positive look at an amazing televisual feat, and I would prefer to keep it, and any related sites, that way.

That said, it is also an honest account of Gilmore, and there are few out there who will deny that our beloved Stars Hollow met with an end that was not in keeping with its beginnings.

As you all know, Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino, the twin forces that created this world that we all fell in love with, were not permitted to end the series. While there are conflicting accounts as to why this was, the fact remains that there could never be a Stars Hollow, even one year’s worth, without Amy and Dan.

The Heroes Return

In many narrative traditions, you will find myths of great heroes who are cast out into the desert wastelands to await a time when they might return in triumph to reclaim their rightful places as heads of their societies. From the world’s religions to epics such as Dune and Star Wars, this is certainly the case. This is also the case with the Palladinos and Gilmore Girls.

Soon after Amy and Dan left the series, Amy suggested that she would like to end the series the way she had always planned to, in movie form. Naturally this one comment has become almost a holy relic amongst the Gilmore faithful, granting us a romantic image of the Palladinos returning to Hollywood to give us the ending that we all so desperately wanted.

Two years after the series ended, three years after the creators left, this vigil for a Gilmore Girls movie persists. So much so, even the actors wonder aloud at times if anyone has heard anything about such a movie being in the offing.

Whatever mistakes were made in behind-the-scenes negotations  years ago; whatever egos were bruised or pennies jealously guarded, isn’t it time to move beyond it all?

The rumors of a Gilmore Girls movie don’t continue to rage because people are merely contrary, it’s because human beings need closure. The television business is a crap shoot. As a studio, you hope to realize a sound return on your enormous investment. Unfortunately, you sometimes have the rotten luck to create enduring culture in the process.

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