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Troubadour Rocks


It was a bit of a pressure cooker yesterday for reasons that would, quite frankly, seem meaningless in their retelling. But the day ended with an entertaining chat with Stars Hollow’s OFFICIAL troubadour (hey, Taylor said so!) Grant-Lee Phillips.

I must admit this was one of those rare cases when I was a bit awed by an interview. Don’t get me wrong, Grant’s about as affable as they come. But the fellow’s such a music icon, and yes, a Gilmore Girls icon, too. I was a bit torn about how to spend the few minutes we had to talk. There’s plenty I was dying to ask him about his Gilmore Girls days, but how do you speak to Grant-Lee Phillips and not ask him about his solo work, his Grant Lee Buffalo days, etc.? Well, in short, you deal. And honestly, it’s a nice problem to have.

He opened my eyes to a lot of things in terms of how he ended up on the show, how they shot his performances (it was a lot harder than it looks), and his own experiences behind the scenes. But darn it, the only image I walked away with is of the town troubadour going bowling with Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino.

Sayeth the music legend, “I play guitar a lot better than I bowl.”

[For those wanting to hear more from Grant, keep an eye skinned for his new album, “Little Moon,” tentatively slated for a September release.]

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