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The Gilmore Girls Companion: Update

Hi gang,

I know things have been pretty quiet on this blog for the last couple of weeks or so; apologies for that. I’ve been rushing to finish up The New Horror Handbook, which finally went to the publisher on Monday. While I’m waiting to hear back from him on any changes that need to be made, I’ve been going through that book one last time to catch anything I might have missed.

Rest assured that once that book is safely off to the printer, I’ll dive back into everything Gilmore with both feet. Part of the challenge of The Gilmore Girls Companion is tackling a series so rich in detail in a finite number of pages, which naturally will require a bit of serious planning. That said, I look forward to finally moving from the interview stage to putting together everything I’ve been fortunate enough to learn about the making of this amazing series.

All the best,


asberman813 @ gmail.com

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