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Ted Rooney: The Jazz Man

ted_rooney1Sure, there are your Luke people and your Jess people, and heaven knows there are plenty of Logan people. Still, when you’re talking the coolest dude on Gilmore Girls, you’ve really gotta give props to Babette’s hipster love, Morey, for sheer cool unflappability.

I had the pleasure of speaking with actor Ted Rooney yesterday evening, the day after the premiere of Fox’s medical mystery, Mental, in which Rooney appears. It was definitely an unusual, at times surreal, experience, he says, because it was filmed in the dicey city of Bogota, Columbia, where bodyguards were the accessory you didn’t go anywhere without.

Ted was also very forthcoming about his experiences on Gilmore Girls, still marveling at how insistent the Powers That Be were that Morey should be wearing his trademark shades, regardless of whether he was outside or not. Look for his reminiscences in the pages of The Gilmore Girls Companion. In the meantime, check out his entertaining show reel here.


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