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Gilmore Girls: Unique Perspectives

headshotIt’s been a busy week of perpetual deadlines, both with the dayjob and on The Gilmore Girls Companion front. That said, I didn’t want to let another day pass without pulling back the curtain a bit on the researching of this book.

If you’ve been following this project for any length of time, you’ll know that the goal of this book is to provide Gilmore Girls fans with more than a glorified episode guide or someone’s thoughts on the series. While such things certainly have their place on the book shelf, The Gilmore Girls Companion seeks to tell the complete (as much as possible) story of how this remarkable show was made, and to demonstrate how each individual’s unique talents made it the modern classic that it’s become.

That said, I would like to make it clear that if the book succeeds in accomplishing this, it will be because of the patience (not to mention long memories) of the many people — both in front of and behind the camera — who have spoken to me about their time bringing Stars Hollow to life.

In this last week, I feel I’ve gained a clearer insight into how the weekly-miracle that was Gilmore Girls came together, thanks to Gilmore Girls costumer Valerie Campbell. Though I kept her on her cell phone until its battery was exhausted (!), she never suggested that I kept her on the phone too long, nor that any question was too goofy.

So thank you, Valerie, and thanks to everyone else who has taken the time to explain the inner workings of this unique world to me. Without you all, and without all of the many thoughtful questions I’ve received from Gilmore Girls fans from around the world, there would be no book.

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