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An ‘Honor’ and a Pleasure

For the first time since I started work on this book, I had the distinct honor (apologies, but I’m allowing myself one bad pun a week) to speak with a Gilmore Girls actor who was actually told to slow down her line delivery, when nearly everyone else had to learn to boost their words-per-minute.

Devon Sorvari, who gave us Logan’s sweet and quirky sister, Honor, also happens to be one of the few who actually grew up in Stars Hollow’s New England neck of the woods. She spent many of her formative years in the rural Boxboro, Mass.

Though her film and television experience has been somewhat limited, she has enjoyed many years perfecting her acting skills on the stage, including in New York. She also manages to keep up that stage work in California, which I’ve been told by several actors is pretty difficult, especially if you want to continue indulging in such luxuries as eating and maintaining a second residence outside of your car.

Yesterday I was struck with what a shame it is that few of us actually have the opportunity to see these performers in the theater. And then I remembered the wonder that is YouTube. Sure enough, I managed to find this short clip — a musical number from a couple of years ago that Devon did for a theater benefit. Enjoy!

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