Zach Chat

Cheers to Todd Lowe, the actor who gave us the sweet-but-slow Hep Alien guitarist and Mr. Lane Kim, Zach van Gerbig. The actor and musician took time out of his busy day to talk to me about Stars Hollow life, the Austin theater and film scene that nurtured him, and his part in a bit of musical theater from years ago called The Tower Massacre Musical, based on the University of Texas-Austin shooting spree of Charles Whitman. (I don’t know why, but this concept sounds intriguing to me.)

Every bit as laid back as Zach, Todd was very forthcoming about life on the set, helping me better piece together what went on behind the scenes for the book.

Recently he found himself back on the Warner Brothers lot where Gilmore Girls was shot, this time for a modern vampire series for HBO called True Blood, which premieres Sept. 7 at 9 PM (not sure if this is Eastern or Pacific Time, so check those listings). He appears briefly in the first or second episode, but will play a larger role later in the season. I didn’t ask him if he actually gets to sport some fangs because, quite frankly, if he does, I think we’d all like to be surprised.

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