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‘Gilmore Girls’ Episodes Online

It’s not that I didn’t know TheWB.com was launching around this time, I just wasn’t sure what it would all mean.

Usually television Web sites seem so vapid and clunky that I avoid them lest I get sucked into a 30-minute timesuck, only to emerge on the other side with nothing really worth crowing about.

But as soon as I heard you could watch Gilmore Girls episodes online, I knew that sooner or later I would have to check it out. (Which makes absolutely no sense considering the complete series set staring at me from the bookshelf right now. I know, go figure.)

It’s a pretty slick little system they’ve got there. Sure, they only have the first five episodes from Season 1 up right now, but there is one feature that I think Gilmore Girls fans are really going to latch onto in a hurry.

Before we get to that, let’s face it. If nothing else, Gilmore Girls is an extremely quotable show. Not since The Simpsons has there been a program that so deftly sums up so many aspects of human existence in increasingly clever ways. So what happens is people blog and blog, quoting lines from the series (the irony is not lost on me), but never really feeling like they’ve gotten the taste of a particularly witty line across to people.

Enter the clip-and-share function. By using a “beginning” slider and an “ending” slider similar to those used in film editing software such as iMovie, you can isolate specific clips from a given episode and post it to your Facebook profile. You can even send the clip to your Facebook friends. Granted, the bugs aren’t quite worked out on this yet as I posted a bit of “Cinnamon’s Wake” to my own profile by hitting the Close Window button, but it’s still pretty intriguing.

TheWB.com is definitely worth checking out. The Gilmore Girls photo gallery isn’t terribly exciting (with the exception of the photo above, which I though a pretty neat souvenir of Lauren Graham‘s behind-the-camera time), and I’m not even going to pretend to understand the “wblender” app. Still, I think they might be on to something good here.

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