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To Him I am the Teacher in the Charlie Brown Cartoon

OK, truth time, kids. After 7 years of Michel Gerard’s caustic comments and grouchy disposition, who wouldn’t be a tad apprehensive speaking with actor Yanic Truesdale?

Thoroughly expecting a tongue-lashing the moment he called yesterday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find him an intelligent, affable, and it has to be said, extremely busy man. He had just completed a poem for a children’s hospital foundation (at their request — he claims no literary talents per se), and is now preparing to pitch a famous French play, Being at Home with Claude, for a Broadway stage production starring himself.

Yanic had some brilliant insights into the Michel/Lorelai relationship (big brother/little sister) and other aspects of the show. And who knew that Gilmore Girls aired in his native Montreal? Apparently it does so with all the actors dubbed in French, including Michel, whose accent and high-pitched voice are just plain weird that way, he says.

Finally, considering Michel’s obsession with Celine Dion, I just had to ask for Yanic’s thoughts on the Quebec chanteuse. Not his favorite performer, he said. But he also added that he had just gone to her concert the night before! And no, he assured me, he wasn’t pulling my leg. What better answer could a Gilmore Girls fan have asked for?

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