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A Lulu of a Day

While every day I’ve been able to devote an hour or two to The Gilmore Girls Companion has been a treat, Tuesday was an even greater one than usual. I had the great privilege to speak with both Keiko Agena (see above) and Rini Bell, the actress behind Lulu, Kirk’s better half, and arguably Stars Hollow’s sweetest resident.

Though our talk time was brief, it was fun to look back at her time on Gilmore Girls. It came as no surprise to learn that the Season 5 episode, “Jews and Chinese Food,” was one of her favorites. In it, we finally had the opportunity to see the elementary school class that Lulu teaches. Of course, it also is a fan favorite because it features Kirk (Sean Gunn) taking the part of Tevia in the class’ production of Fiddler on the Roof.

As mentioned in an earlier post, you can catch Rini in the vampire flick The Thirst, opposite Nick Holmes (better known to us as Life and Death Brigade member Robert Grimaldi.)

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