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That Whole ‘Letter E’ Thing

I’ve noticed a lot of online interest recently in the game that the Life and Death Brigade play in “You Jump I Jump Jack” wherein Robert Grimaldi and Co. speak without using the letter “e.”

In the commentary for that episode, Daniel Palladino mentioned that he had read about a novel that was written without using the letter “e.” I’m pretty sure the book he was referring to was A Void by French novelist Georges Perec. (It was translated into English by Gilbert Adair in 1995, which would explain why the book would’ve been in the news a few years before the episode was written.)

As anyone who’s dabbled in the French language will tell you, it’s an even more nightmarish prospect than attempting such madness in English. What could be worse, you ask? How about translating that French novel into English, again without using the letter “e”! A greater feat than bungee jumping in the woods any day.

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