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‘Gypsy’ Rose!

If you think acting on Gilmore Girls is hard to begin with, think about what it must be like to go from performances in which you are encouraged to improvise your words and actions to appearing on a television program known for insisting on complete word-for-word accuracy.

Rose Abdoo did this when she took the role of Gypsy, Stars Hollow's resident auto mechanic and tell-it-to-your-face truth teller. Among other gigs, Rose spent several years with Chicago's famous Second City improvisational comedy troupe. (I found the short Second City sketch above on YouTube, featuring Rose and Stephen Colbert.)

It was so nice to speak with Rose yesterday, and to stroll down memory lane together. She is another down-to-Earth person who still gets a genuine thrill out of not only appearing on television, but acting opposite the performers she watched years ago, especially Liz Torres and Sally Struthers on Gilmore Girls.

Her stories about life on set will definitely be a treat for readers of the book; they certainly were a treat to hear. One highlight is an image that I don't think I will be able to get out of my head anytime soon:

There Rose was, minding her own business on a California street corner when a group of non-English speakers called excitedly to her: "Gypsy! Gypsy!" It is indeed a testament to the true reach of Gilmore Girls, the popularity of Gypsy, and a worldwide appreciation for a good auto mechanic.

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