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Grimaldi and Bear It

One of the greatest strengths of Gilmore Girls is the diversity of characters sprinkled throughout each episode. Lorelai and Rory, like the rest of us, know many, many people, some better than others. And each one helps them understand themselves just a little better.

Before college, Rory’s circle of friends and acquaintances was pretty small. Once she entered Yale, however, that all changed. Paris was back, of course, but she also met Marty (Naked Guy), Tana, Janet, everyone at the Yale Daily News, and, yes, Logan. And with Logan came a whole cast of characters that one could easily use to fill 1920s-era play.

There are his upper-crust parents, certainly, buddies Colin and Finn, and that other call-it-like-he-sees it member of the Life and Death Brigade, Robert Grimaldi. As he tells Rory at the Pulp Fiction-themed bash in “Pulp Friction,” he wants nothing more than to inherit the family fortune, leave it all to a parrot called Polly, and die alone.

Yet our introduction to Robert was far more elaborate, you’ll remember, at the LDB’s grand night out in “You Jump I Jump Jack.” Catching up with actor Nick Holmes yesterday for the book, I had the distinct good fortune to hear firsthand what it was like to have his very first day appearing on Gilmore Girls, one of his first real professional TV gigs, being the filming of this spectacular group of scenes. What many may not realize is that Nick was fully in control of that paintball gun used during the “human skeet shooting” segment. Talk about pressure! And we thought not using the letter “e” was tough!

Nick is continuing to branch out as an actor, and recently has delved into writing as well. You’ll want to pick up the 2007 film The Thirst (see photo above) to catch him going full-tilt as a badass vampire. Be warned – you may end up wanting to introduce him to the business end of a stake after the way he treats Kirk’s sweetheart Lulu, actress Rini Bell, in this movie. For a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of The Thirst, click here.

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