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‘Finn’s’ Film Premieres This Month

Our congratulations go to Tanc Sade (Logan's festive Australian chum "Finn"), whose short film Flowers and Weeds will premiere at the Palm Springs International ShortFest at the end of August. Sade wrote, directed and starred in this unusual love story.

"It's pretty humbling for us," Tanc said of the advance invitation from the influential festival when I spoke with him for the book on Friday. A quick viewing of the trailer (see above) for Flowers and Weeds will give you some idea of why festival organizers have been so supportive of the film from the very beginning.

As humble in person as Finn was extroverted on Gilmore Girls, Tanc is definitely one of the good ones in an industry that people still insist on slagging off as being full of phonies. If those I've had the privilege to speak with so far for this book are any indication, I think readers of The Gilmore Girls Companion are going to be as blown away by the personalities of the cast and crew as they will be by their reminiscences of what went on during the making of that wonderful series.

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