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This Week’s eBay Madness

While I originally envisioned this weekly segment to be a way of highlighting all of the light switch plates, paintings and other crazy Gilmore Girls related ephemera available on that international yard sale site, this actually seems pretty cool. In fact, over the years I’ve been amazed at the number of cast/crew gifts that have turned up for auction.

Here’s the pitch: “You are looking at a rare coffee mug given by the cast of Gilmore Girls to the cast in 2004, the year of the 100th Episode.  Full of inside jokes, this mug is a great addition to your Gilmore Girls collection..and you will be the only one of your friends to have one like it.”

And this is what the mug actually says:

“Gilmore Girls 2004.  Episodes:100.  Days: 800.  Hours: 11,200.  Total hours if worked continuously would equal 423 days (second meal not included.)  Doughnuts ordered: 24,000.  Doughnuts eaten: only you know the truth.  Original crew members still here: about 10.  Perfect attendance record: 1 (Mike.)  Insurance days: 1 (Kid with no voice.)  Meal penalties: 1,896,273.  DGA trainees: 16.  Ugly rubber babies used: 3.  Time slot changes: 1 (originally, Thursday 8PM.)  Pounds of snow used: 86,650.  Gilmore Girl boyfriends dumped, dead or missing: 8 (Dean, Jess, Max, Digger, Asher, …)  All could return in possible sweeps episode……..Weddings we saw: (Sookie and Jackson, Dean and Lindsay, Emily and Richard, Liz and TJ, Lane’s cousin, weird twins the first season.)  One we didn’t see: (Luke on a boat.)  Town festivals and hot days in Miss Patty’s, snow particles inhaled, kind corrections by George, times Steve said “You’ll step into this,” times Cesha asked “Do we see shoes?,”  Matlock stories from Dennis, show tunes sung by Struthers and Torres, pieces of candy distributed by Sasabuchi, reasons for thanks and appreciation to all:  too numerous to count.  All math approximate or totally fabricated.  Love, your cast.  BOOM OUT.”

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