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Talk About Range!

Yes, do take another look at the picture at left. It’s none other than Stars Hollow’s own Taylor Doose! More fascinating, it’s Taylor portrayer Mike Winters as Dick Cheney in a play called Stuff Happens! (More on Stuff Happens here and here.)

I spoke with Mike back in March about his time on Gilmore Girls, as well as the great deal of theater work he has done over the years, and how that all affected his portrayal of Stars Hollow’s town alderman. He recalled that some directors told him and fellow theater-trained actor Dakin Matthews (Headmaster Charleston) that, “We love you two guys because we can give you all this complicated dialog and you can do it.” Mike supposed this was because of all the work by Shakespeare and other dramatists they’d both performed over the years.

But, he added, “I had stuff [on Gilmore Girls] that used to kill me. At those town meetings there would always be something in one of those long speeches that would be some funny little tongue twister.” For a Taylor-eye-view behind-the-scenes at some of your favorite episodes, you will want to pick up a copy of The Gilmore Girls Companion, coming in July 2009.

In the meantime, those who plan to be in the Seattle area Oct. 17-Nov.16, 2008 can catch Mike Winters on stage in the world premiere of Steven Dietz’s new play, Becky’s New Car. Click here for ticket information.

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